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Life as a sessional GP can be complicated. There certainly is a lot to take into consideration. You have to be  well prepared and thorough to get stuff perfect. A new GP has to introduce himself to brand new practices and practice employers. It really is so important to build up a close partnership with them and be considerate all the time. Great manners are essential as you can imagine. A great Curriculum Vitae can assist you to be noticed and secure more interviews.
Be sure that you get your very own instruments. A durable clinical bag is a superb choice. Get the very best tools which you can pay for mainly because it will  last for much longer and be more reliable. This can be offset against your income tax as a corporate expense. 
Arriving to the place of work early is a wise course of action if you are a high quality locum GP in Plymouth. It looks bad if you arrive tardy continuously. Many different surgeries have different timetables and you may need to adapt to that. As an alternative you could perhaps negotiate your own personal timetable and engagements. 

Don't fail to be friendly to your clients. It is typically hard to develop a connection with a patient in barely 10 minutes at a time. As a locum dr you might be much more susceptible to complaints if they happen. Make sure you are enrolled with a clinical defense underwriter who is quality. They truly are over-priced but are indispensable in modern-day medicine in the British Isles.
Get a complete history from the individual and be sure that this is reflected in your records. Complete written notes are your only protection against complaints if they develop. Record crucial findings along with your best diagnosis and treatment. This will make it much easier for co-workers to understand what happened when they follow up with the person on the next occasion. It also demonstrates your quality as a doc and will help you to establish your reliability as a dependable doctor.
Working as a locum general practitioner is a fine method of helping you save taxes too. Lots of your overheads might be off-set against taxes. Items like insurance premiums, apparatus, mileage, car maintenance and costs is often claimed against income tax. This will cut your bill from HMRC and will help you protect more of your revenue.
Life as a self employed dr is complex although fulfilling. Take pleasure in your jobs and good luck in your own future role.